Welcome ! I hope you enjoy these images of Origami Models as much as I enjoy making them






Welcome !

Hi, my name is Anool Mahidharia from Mumbai, India. I'm an Engineer by profession, running my own company, but these pages are about Origami - The Art of Paper Folding.

While I have not created any original folds, my photo Album includes pictures of some of my favorite models, taken using a digital camera that makes it so convenient to put up my work here.

If you are looking for help with folds such as the Kawasaki Rose or the Jackstone, visit the Download page, where you can also download an Origami Screensaver and an Origami Theme !

For diagrams and instructions, take a look at some of the websites listed under the Links section.

You will find additional information about other folders from India on our new website at this URL:


The pressure of my professional life keeps me from spending too much time on Origami and this web site, so if you locate any mistakes or errors, Please do let me know.

I hope you enjoy your visit here and look forward to your feedback. Do visit often.

What is Origami ?

Origami is the art and craft of Paper Folding.

It converts

in to

without using, ( as far as possible )

A lot of other explanations and definitions exist, but for me, this is the beauty of Origami. To transform a flat piece of paper in to a three dimensional piece of art, to breathe life in a static object with just your bare hands.

But it isn't just folding bits of paper. It's an exercise in mental gymnastics, improving eye, hand, brain co-ordination, building the dexterity of one's fingers. Zen, meditation, peace and relaxation. The joy of listening to the "oooh's" and "aaaah's" as little kids wonder in amazement at how the piece of paper turned in a frog, without using any tools other than your hands.

The Joy of Paper Folding - Welcome to the wonderful world of Origami.


A good pair of hands and some paper, basically. But, you do need some tools to get started:

The right type of paper is essential to get the proper effect. Its texture, design, thickness, ability to fold well without tearing, cracking or peeling, all contribute toward a beautiful result. However, remember that any old bit of paper will do as well. I regularly fold discarded bits of paper or bus tickets in to little Cranes that kids enjoy to receive.
Folding Bone
For getting sharp creases, especially useful if you wish to prevent sweat from damaging the paper.
Measuring / Marking tools
A scale, dividers, pencil etc. (maybe) Handy when cutting large sheets of paper.
Cutting tools
Good knife, Scissors, and blades to trim paper to the required sizes. I find a Cutting Mat to be very useful, while cutting as well as while folding paper.
Sometimes, you may need to use glue. Or perhaps paint your paper in a specific shade or pattern. Marbling, dyeing, spraying, starching and ironing. Generally, any type of aids you may need for a crafty-arty hobby.

My favorite, of course is this trusty old Swiss Army Knife, that holds all the tools I need to work with.

I'm sure I've missed a few (or many) things here - so you may like to make a suggestion and visit again later to check how this page progresses.

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