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Images of some of the folds that I've enjoyed making.

Origami diagrams in two dimensions do not always provide the clarity required, especially for some of the more difficult folds, such as the Jackstone, Kawasaki Rose, etc. I've put up pictures to provide some Folding Tips of these models during some of the most difficult stages of their folding. Hope this helps all of you who get stuck up while making these beautiful models.

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Traditional Crane
Origami Crane, a traditional Japanese fold that also symbolises Good Luck.
Made from 30mm square paper backed silver foil, the final bird measures 25mm at wing tips.
Diagrams in "Origami 2" by Robert Harbin

Miniature Flapping Bird
A Miniature Flapping Bird, made from the Bird Base - one of the most important folds in Origami.
Folded using 8mm square Tracing Paper.
Measures 6mm at the wing tips. Diagrams in "Origami 1" by Robert Harbin

Miniature Birds
A flock of miniature Origami Birds.
From left, Crane, Flapping Bird, Crane, Flapping Bird, Pajarita

Miniature Pajarita
The small Pajarita, barely visible in the previous picture.
Made from 8mm square silver foil paper, it measures about 6mm. The smallest I could attempt, though other people have created smaller ones. Don't ask me how - doing this one was difficult enough

Folding Tips

Folding Tips

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A simple fold using the familiar Windmill base. Popular (very popular) in Spain. Can you see the little one there ?

Jack Skillmans JACKSTONE. A 3D fold created from a flat piece of paper without any cutting or pasting.
Made from 150mm paper backed Gold Foil Paper. Diagrams in "Origami 2" by Robert Harbin.

Kawasaki Rose
The beautiful Kawasaki Rose, Designed by Toshikazu Kawasaki and diagrammed by Winson Chan.
Base for Kawasaki Rose by Joseph Wu. Made from 200 mm square, Orange for the Rose and Green for the Base.
I hope to obtain some better paper to do justice to this wonderful model. Diagrams on the Web.See Links page and follow to Joseph Wu's web site.

This 3D model of unknown origin is called the Bauble.
Made from a long rectangle of paper, with a series of repetitive mountain and valley folds. Precision counts here.
Diagrams in Paul Jacksons "Festive Folding"

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Hot Air Balloon by Tony O'Hare, Bristol, U.K.
From British Origami, Issue 169, June 1999

Swans, by Tim Ward and Trevor Hatchett, London. Made from 200mm white paper.
Diagrams in Robert Harbins "Origami 2"

Witch on a Broomstick
Witch on a Broomstick. Designed by Paul Jackson, UK.
Made from 150mm paper, black on one side, red on the other. Hope to take a better picture soon. Diagrams in "Festive Folding" by Paul Jackson.

Pink Elephant, (this one turned purple), by Tim Ward and Trevor Hatchett, London.
From 150mm purple paper. Diagrams in Robert Harbin's Origami 1

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Inflatable Frogs
A pair of inflatable frogs, using the Preliminary base, followed by a series of repetitive squash and petal folds.
Made from 150mm green paper. Diagrams in "Origami 1" by Robert Harbin.

Water Lilies and Frogs. Traditional Japanese Origami. Diagram of Water Lily from Steve and Megumi Biddle's 'Amazing Origami for Children'.
Frog diagrams in Robert Harbin's "Origami 1'.
The Lily is extremely difficult to fold neatly unless you have the right kind of paper. In this case, wet folding didn't help either, and the final folds did tear the paper a bit. The Biddle's suggest Starched Cloth or Thick, strong paper.

Butterfly, by Akira Yoshizawa, also a symbol of the International Origami Friendship Society, Tokyo.
Made from 150mm Yellow paper. Diagrams on the OUSA (Origami - USA) website. See Links page

Assorted Boxes
A cluster of Assorted Origami Boxes.
At left back (Green), Pop up Box by Paul Jackson. Diagrams on his web site. See Links.
Back right (Silver Foil), Sanbow, a traditional Japanese Offering tray. From Robert Harbin's 'Origami 1'.
Front Left (Yellow), another traditional Japanese Box that Harbin called the Spanish Box. Again from his 'Origami 1'.
Front middle (Green), HELP, I don't know where I got these diagrams from ! If you know it, please let me know.
Front right (White), the Bowl de Vicenza by Maarten van Gelder

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Bouquet 1
This bouquet is made up of many folds.
Vase from 'Origami 2' by Robert Harbin
Iris (at bottom middle, Red), Traditional Japanese Fold, diagrams in Paul Jackson's 'Festive Folding'.
Tulip (at middle left, Red/Yellow), specially created for 'First Steps in Origami' by Joan R Appel.
Diagrams at the OUSA web site. See Links
Leaf and Stem for Iris and Tulip, by Alice Gray. Diagrams at the OUSA web site. See Links
Daffodils (at Left in Yellow, at top in Red and Orange), by Ted Normington, England. Diagrams in 'Classic Origami' by Paul Jackson.
Butterfly by Akira Yoshizawa

Bouquet 2
Another view of the bouquet, without the vase

Flowers 1
A better view of the lovely daffodils. One of my favourites.

Flowers 2
Iris and Tulip with Leaf and Stem. These make excellent Broches and Button Holes, sure to draw attention and curiosity.

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Toy Car, by Herman van Goubergen.
This one's been a real hit with all the kid's around my neighbourhood !


Miniature Flip Flop
By Thoki Yenn


Flower with Stem

Bunch of Bananas and Strawberriesr

Five Intersecting Tetrahedrons

Umulius Rectanguliam
Three Intersecting Rectangles, By Thoki Yenn

Set of Miniatures

Miniature Penguins on Ice Berg in the Ocean

Miniature Kawasaki Rose

Miniature Birds, and Mini Book in the background

Flower in a Vase

Flower in a Vase

Chess Pieces and Modular Chess Board

Fujimoto Hex Box with Thoki Yenn's Triangular inserts

Gecko & Fly on a Wall
by Herman van Goubergen.

Hexagonal Star Box
by Roberto Gretter
(a variation of the Fujimoto Hex Box)

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