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Here are some Origami downloads :

  • Origami Desktop Theme

  • Origami Screensaver

  • An Illustrated Guide to the Kawasaki Rose

  • Jackstone FoldingTips.

Hope you enjoy, and I'd be happy to receive your feedback.


EXE file - 540kB approx. (Self extracting executable file)

Add some Origami Flavor to your Desktop. This Origami based theme for Win95 (requires MS Plus!), Win98 etc. provides Icons, Animated Cursors, Wallpaper, Startup and Shutdown screens.

Oritheme.exe will extract all files to your “C:\Program Files\Plus!\Themes” folder. If your desktop theme manager “theme's” folder is at a different location, provide the appropriate path during the extraction process.

After extraction, select START - SETTINGS - CONTROL PANEL - DESKTOP THEMES and select “Origami” from the Theme drop down selection box.

In addition to the THEME, Windows also uses three other files during Start Up and Shut Down. These are the “Start Up Screen” which comes up while Windows is loading, the next is the “Wait while Windows Shuts Down” screen and finally the “It is safe to Switch OFF your PC now” screen. These three are image files which are given the extension “.SYS” but are actually just regular “.BMP” files, with the specific condition that they must be 127 kB in size. The Ori-Theme includes these three files, but you need to rename them and copy them to specific locations as described below:

1.Ensure that Windows Explorer is set to “Show All Files (including System and Hidden Files”. This will ensure that the above mentioned “.SYS” files will be visible.

2.“Start up Screen” : Rename original “logo.sys” to “logo-old.sys”. This file is in the root folder (that's “C:/”)

3.“Wait While Windows Shuts Down Screen” : Rename original “logow.sys” to “logow-old.sys”. This file is in the “C:/Windows/” folder

4.“It's Safe to Switch OFF your PC Now screen” : Rename original “logos.sys” to “logos-old.sys”. This file is in the “C:/Windows/” folder

5.“Start up Screen” : Rename “Origami logo.sys” to “logo.sys” and save in root folder (that's “C:/”)

6.“Wait While Windows Shuts Down Screen” : Rename “Origami logow.sys” to “logow.sys” and save in “C:/Windows/” folder

7.“It's Safe to Switch OFF your PC Now screen” : Rename “Origami logos.sys” to “logos.sys” and save in “C:/Windows/” folder

Origami Screen Saver

ZIP File - 1MB approx. (Requires WinZip or similar to extract)

EXE File - 1.8 MB approx. (Self extracting executable file)

An Origami based Screen Saver for Win95 and Win98 based PC's consisting of Pictures of Origami models. This is a self extracting file and you can change a few settings later from your desktop properties dialog box. This was made using Image Carousel Freeware. After every few picture changes, an advertisement pops up. If it's too irritating, and you know a better way to make screen savers, do send me feedback

Kawasaki Rose Folding Tips

An Illustrated Guide to folding the Kawasaki Rose

pdf File : 812kB approx. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

This document contains a set of pictures illustrating the folding of the Kawasaki Rose. The actual folding diagrams by Winson Chan can be downloaded from Joseph Wu's website. Refer the Links page for the URL. The pictures follow the same sequence as Winson Chan's diagramming.

ZIP File – 850kB approx. (Requires WinZip or similar to extract)

This is a set of 69 pictures in high resolution “jpeg” format. Only pictures – some of which aren't in the pdf file. The pdf file contains low resolution pictures to reduce the file size. If you need better quality pictures, download the ZIP file too.

Jack Skillman's Jackstone – Some Tips

The Jackstone is a really hard fold to make, and can get quite frustrating when doing it for the first time. Once you know how the most difficult part is done, it all seems so easy the next time. Here are some pictures I took while making the Jackstone to get you through the rough parts. Refer Robert Harbins "Origami 2" for complete folding instructions.

ZIP File – 85kB approx. (Requires WinZip or similar to extract)

Contains a set of 17 high resolution “jpeg” images. NOTE : Pictures do not cover the full folding sequence. Only the part where the crease pattern is folded back.

From -------> To

Kawasaki’s Rose – Alternative Precreasing Method
Sequence developed by Kevin Hines

THANKS To KEVIN HINES for sharing it.

PDF File (139kB)

This method was developed specifically to make the folding process for the rose as efficient as possible, while still assuring accuracy and consistency.

For diagrams, refer to "Origami for the Connisseur".

© Copyright : Anool J Mahidharia : 1999

Last Updated on : April 5, 2003