What is Origami?
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Tools for Origami

Origami is the art and craft of Paper Folding.

It converts   Paprtall.wmf (18482 bytes)     in to    Oribird1.wmf (952 bytes) , Oricrane.wmf (764 bytes) , Orihorse.wmf (1008 bytes)    without using, ( as far as possible ) Splyschl.wmf (11490 bytes) , BS00539A.gif (2154 bytes)   or  Splyoffc.wmf (16816 bytes).

A lot of other explanations and definitions exist, but for me, this is the beauty of Origami. To transform a flat piece of paper in to a three dimensional piece of art, to breathe life in a static object with just your bare hands.

But it isn't just folding bits of paper. It's an excercise in mental gymnastics, improving eye, hand, brain co-ordination, building the dexterity of one's fingers. Zen, meditation, peace and relaxation. The joy of listening to the "oooh's" and "aaaah's" as little kids wonder in amazement at how the piece of paper turned in a frog, without using any tools other than your hands.

The Joy of Paper Folding - Welcome to the world of Origami.

For further details on this wonderful craft, I refer you to the Origami Links page.