Tools for Origami
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A good pair of hands and some paper, basically.

But, you do need some tools to get started:

Paper - The right type of paper is essential to get the proper effect. Its texture, design, thickness, ability to fold well without tearing, cracking or peeling, all contribute towards a beautiful result. However, remember that any old bit of paper will do as well. I regularly fold discarded bits of paper or bus tickets in to little Cranes that kids enjoy to receive.
Marking tools - Pencils, etc
Measuring tools - A scale, dividers (maybe).
Cutting tools - Good knife, Scissors, and blades to trim paper to the required sizes.
Others - Sometimes, you may need to use glue. Or perhaps paint your paper in a specific shade or pattern. Marbling, dyeing, spraying. Starching and ironing. Generally, any type of aids you may need for a crafty-arty hobby.
My favourite, of course is this trusty old Swiss Army Knife, that holds all the tools I need to work with.knife03.gif (3306 bytes)

I'm sure I've missed a few (or many) things here - so you may like to make a suggestion and visit again later to check how this page progresses.