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Images of some of the folds that I've enjoyed making.

crane02.gif (2910 bytes)

Traditional Origami Crane

fbird07.gif (3034 bytes)

Miniature Flapping Bird

jstone04.gif (5681 bytes)


jstone10.gif (6312 bytes)

Tips on folding the Jackstone

bauble02.gif (5303 bytes)


krose08.gif (2749 bytes)

The Kawasaki Rose

minibird01.gif (4808 bytes)

A flock of Miniature Birds

pajarita02.gif (4437 bytes)


pajarita04.gif (4308 bytes)

A miniature Pajarita

swans01.gif (4399 bytes)

Graceful Swans

frogs02.gif (3413 bytes)

Inflatable Frogs

witch01.gif (4570 bytes)

Witch on a Broomstick